Nursery Design & Decoration

Our client was renting a property in Croydon and expected to move soon after the birth of their first baby. At the same time, the nesting phase had kicked in and the expectant mum wanted a simple, stylish low-cost nursery designed and decorated.

We sourced fixtures and fittings from Ikea, Mamas & Papas and several other suppliers and redecorated the room in neutral shades of rose and ivory. Sourcing local artwork that would compliment the colour scheme, shower gifts and purpose.  Painting the ceiling and walls in the same Ivory shades helped transform this previously unloved boxroom into a cosy and deceptively spacious looking nursery for the families new arrival.

Total cost:  £1,500 including labour, materials, fixtures and fittings.
Delivery Time:  5 days from concept to completion.